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Friday, 23 September 2011

City ville Secrets


I use to be a big Farmville fan but now i think it’s got to busy and crowded, so i decided to try Cityville. At first i had no idea how to work it, it is similar in some ways to Farmville but it’s a city not a farm!

Anyway playing it for a couple of days with my mates i noticed that i was able to build my city a lot faster than any of my mates, of course i got accused of cheating when i wasn’t. But i kept growing my city while they weren’t, and I kept getting asked how you got that and how did you do this.

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I didn’t tell them how i did anything because it was the first game i was actually better than them at, and they couldn’t hack it! I was able to rank up coins, xp and energy in minutes i found it easy as pie. I couldn’t understand why they had so much trouble with it.

Maybe it was due to the fact that i enjoyed playing it rather than spending hours trying to build progress. I spent less hours then all three of my mates who played Cityville with me and got nearly tripled their own progress. It was insane how i managed to build my city so fast and yet spent so little time on it.

But i didn’t care what they thought, i just kept rubbing it in their faces every time i saw them, it got on their nerves but it was pay back for all the times they did it to me.

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How To Blog!

As you may know setting up a blog account on websites is easy, take this blog for example. When i started blogging like many of you are trying to do, i found it hard to get anyone to view my website. Which i thought was the point in writing anything if no one ever gets to see it. But for some strange reason i still carried on writing this blog posting as frequently as i could, to see whether or not people would gradually find it.

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But after a week or so, i still only had minor page views; they weren’t even in the hundreds, or even over 50 for that matter. All that changed though when i stumbled on the blogging formula. I never knew how hard i was trying when i didn’t have to.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

How To Fix PS3

How I Fixed My PS3!

I’ve had my Ps3 from when they first came out over 3/4 years ago, and i love it to bits! There nothing else in the world i love more, not even my girlfriend! Okay well that’s a lie but you can see how important it is for me.

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I love just coming back from a hard day’s work and sitting down with a cold beer and playing FIFA or COD. Until the other day when for some strange reason i got the YLod. I didn’t know anything about this problem, because I’ve never had a problem with my ps3 before. Because i hadn’t had a problem in the past or knew about this YLod. I started blaming it on my girlfriend thinking she knocked it over while cleaning or something like that, maybe she kicked it because she thinks I’m on it too much and loves it more than her, and you know what girls get like.

But it was actually broken so i phoned up SONY and they said they offer a repair service but it costs $300!! I was like WTF I’ve already paid for a state of the art gaming consoles, and now I’ve got to pay a similar price to have it repaired, i might as well have bought a new one for that kind of money.

How Do I Blog

How Do I Blog?

I thought the same thing about a month ago, when i broke my hand and i thought I’d be productive and maybe start something that I’ve always wanted to do. After researching on the internet there was nothing that stood out to help me on how i should blog. 
i must of gone through a dozen pages on Google reading forums and comments on how to blog, but nothing helped it was all about making money and that which i didn’t really find interesting because it wasn’t something i wanted to do, i only wanted to start a blog as a hobby while i was at home. 

Once id read through like 90 pages on how to blog, i thought the best way to actually know is to actually start. so i did, in the space of a week i think i wrote about 5/6 posts on things that i found interesting like space, and football etc. but at the end of the week i didn’t have a single view on my blog, i was a little upset, as it seemed that i spent most of my time writing theses blog posts for nothing. 

but then i thought hmm maybe it takes a couple of weeks for your blog to get traffic so i waited and posted more and more, still i didn’t seem to get anyone viewing my blog, i maybe got the odd one or two, but i wanted more people to read my posts and maybe leave a comment about them.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Making Money Online Is Easy, Get 2 FREE ebooks on How To

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Hey, Guys
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How To Stream Movies Online

Stream Movies, Music Videos, Sport, TV, and more!

I’m a massive sports fan, and i do love my movies and music videos, but where i live i don’t have sky or cable anything that can receive digital TV, it’s like i live in the country or something. Anyway every time Manchester United are on TV playing football, I’m always trying to find a stream online that i can actually watch the game with. But most of the sites out there suck, as some you don’t get anything and then others you have to pay for. 
I just wanted to watch the footy, not have to pay for anything to do so, and rather just get told the score of someone. if that wasn’t enough i can’t even watch a movie without having to wait for like 45 minutes for the stream to load, and when it does it tells you that you’ve watched the most you can watch for today.

but now i can watch all my favourite things whenever i want, like the other day football was on so i thought why not see if i can stream it and all of a sudden there the game was with no hassle, all i did was click on a few categories to find the sports channels and BINGO!! 

The Best Flight Simulator Out!!!


No.1 Flight Simulator of the year!


After receiving Pro Flight Simulator 2011 I didn't really expect anything to change from the previous year. But to be honest I have to say they have greatly improved in every aspect of it, including the planes which now have more planes that you can fly yourself and take them to one of the other features which i think the game is realistic for and that is the fast array of airports across the world that you can fly to.

Also the creators have included a variety of helicopters that with the new graphics enhanced in the game making the helicopters look even more realistic then before. In my opinion i think that Pro Flight Simulator 2011 is going to be the one of the best simulation games of this year; it's a full flight simulation that even includes jets and gliders for you to enjoy flying.
In the past when playing flight simulation games without a joystick i found to be very hard to get actual feel for the flight i was doing at the time. Don't let this put you off the makers have made it very easy and simple for you to get the best experience possible from a keyboard there is no need to invest in a joystick.