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Friday, 23 September 2011

City ville Secrets


I use to be a big Farmville fan but now i think it’s got to busy and crowded, so i decided to try Cityville. At first i had no idea how to work it, it is similar in some ways to Farmville but it’s a city not a farm!

Anyway playing it for a couple of days with my mates i noticed that i was able to build my city a lot faster than any of my mates, of course i got accused of cheating when i wasn’t. But i kept growing my city while they weren’t, and I kept getting asked how you got that and how did you do this.

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I didn’t tell them how i did anything because it was the first game i was actually better than them at, and they couldn’t hack it! I was able to rank up coins, xp and energy in minutes i found it easy as pie. I couldn’t understand why they had so much trouble with it.

Maybe it was due to the fact that i enjoyed playing it rather than spending hours trying to build progress. I spent less hours then all three of my mates who played Cityville with me and got nearly tripled their own progress. It was insane how i managed to build my city so fast and yet spent so little time on it.

But i didn’t care what they thought, i just kept rubbing it in their faces every time i saw them, it got on their nerves but it was pay back for all the times they did it to me.

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